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Earlism #20 Passion & Prejudice

By Jones The Advisor / April 20, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #20 Passion & Prejudice

“Never let your passion precede your prejudice …”

Never be led by your heart, feelings, or passions.

Always be led by your mind, thoughts, past experiences processed correctly, good information, and the Holy Spirit (JonesTheAdvisor, 2019).


Appetitus rationi pareat

Desire ought to obey reason

Earlism #55 Here & Now

By Jones The Advisor / April 10, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #55 Here & Now

“… You can’t marry potential …”

“Pot Luck”: Why Enoch Released All of His Friends

By Jones The Advisor / April 7, 2019 / Comments Off on “Pot Luck”: Why Enoch Released All of His Friends

Did you know, that you can know, … that you know, what you know … with complete certainty and assurance, … that you know, what you know? 

But it will cost you. 

What … you might ask? 


If I told you that you can know all of the Answers to all of life’s questions and dilemmas, would you want to know how? Well, I know it sounds like I am about to launch into some rehashed Faith discussion, but I am not. Rather this is a: needed to be discovered by all, dying to self, and finishing the Journey, discussion.

A lot of people that I know play “pot luck” with God. And for years, myself included, that is before I learned better than to live a Christian life playing pot luck with God.

pot luck life in God is one where we might know eighty percent (80%) of the things that God has Revealed OR is trying to Reveal to us, which will come into our life. Or we might know eighty percent of the answers to the things that we have Prayed about. Now that other twenty percent (20%) … we tend to leave that to “da’ Lawd work in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform …” or some such phrase. 

But if we are completely honest, we absolutely want to know with one hundred percent (100%) certainty that I prayed for something, because God told me to Pray it. And He did or gave me everything that He showed me that I should Pray for and expect as a result of uttering that God Inspired Prayer (John 15:1, 5, & 7). 

Well how in the world can you know everything? 

You can by completely dying to self and finishing the Journey.

That is what Enoch did and why he did what he did. I heard someone demonstrate the short Biblical story of Enoch in this way; during the three hundred years that Enoch walked with God, and he “was not” because God took him from this earthly realm and translated him into a Spiritual Realm (buy my book Enoch’s Journey). Yet Enoch still had a physical body, just like Christ had, post Resurrection. During the three hundred years of that walk, God kept saying to Enoch that you can come another “step” closer to me, however you cannot bring “that” with you. 

Now, what is that … you might ask?

That, as another person once described, is “your friends.” 

That second person once said that “God does not take away your friends.” Words that I have come to live by. My brother has another, more colorful way of expressing that idea. One about “picking” things, but I will not write it down at this time. 

Simply put, your friends are the things that you love and hold on to dearly. The things that mean the most to you. The things that are GREAT to you and that you do not think that you can live without. 

But can you live without them if they cost you that other twenty percent

What the first person I referenced described, when discussing Enoch’s Journey was that God in effect was saying to Enoch that you can come another step closer to Me, I AM, the God who is a Spirit and who must be related to, in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24). Enoch you can come another step closer to I AM, but you cannot bring that friend in or up here with you. I AM sure that your friend is nice and all, but that friend of yours cannot come in here. 

Not if you want to take another step closer to knowing that you know … that you know … what you know … with one hundred percent certainty

Now you can get into that back and forth with God about … 

“… but God, why not? I like doing that … and thinking that way … and living that way and …” … as often as it pleases you. 

I will not presume to tell you how valuable your friends are or should be to you.

But that first person went on to say that Enoch decided to let go of his friend and take another step closer to God. And in doing so, Enoch cut that twenty percent down to nineteen percent (19%), just like … that

The first person continued on and said that God kept coming back to Enoch to collect his friends until Enoch had no friends left to give. He had given them all to God.

So, because Enoch had no more friends, God had one more if … then conundrum left to discuss with Enoch. 

God said Enoch, you have come as close to Me, I AM, your only True Friend, as you can, at this point in your Journey. So, if you decide to take this last and final step on the Journey, you will have to leave the earthly realm behind and come to be with Me, your Only Remaining, True Friend.

Enoch took the last and final step to eternally be with his True Friend.

Of course, he had to struggle to go from nineteen friends, or twenty nine friends, or thirty nine friends, or … down to zero … and then back up to One

Was it worth it? 

If he was still here, you could ask him. 

But I bet he would say that it was absolutely worth it! 

Letting go of your friends is hard. And it becomes more difficult to let go of each successive friend, the closer you get to God and zero friends.

This occurs just before you realize that you are actually about to be granted access to ALL of the Knowledge that you seek and have prayed for, as well as gaining your One True Friend. But only if you let go of all of the others. 

… As a matter of fact, it has been said that there is no greater Expression of True Love than when one lays down their entire life and all of their friends, for That One True Friend (John 15:13).  

Philippians 3:13, 12-14


I don’t mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection. But I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me. No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the Journey and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.

Earlism #42 Perceiving Racism

By Jones The Advisor / March 30, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #42 Perceiving Racism

“You can Feel (Discern) Racism … 

… before you see it.”

Earlism #50 Do the Math People … Why I Hate Cable News, Polls, & Surveys

By Jones The Advisor / March 28, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #50 Do the Math People … Why I Hate Cable News, Polls, & Surveys

“Correlation & Causation are essential … 

… if you plan to draw a realistic Conclusion …” 

I am going to include a Long Form Post as an explanation, with this Earlism.

Now, I know that most people are “math averse.” More simply put, I know most people hate math!

But stick with me … 

I am actually not math averse. I am pretty comfortable with math and statistics. Although I hide this fact from most of my general conversations, because I know I am among the few, and not the many.

Due to my level of comfort with math, many times when I watch Cable News, any of the channels, I get so OFFENDED when they discuss and cite polls & surveys as definitive facts. And try to use them as proof. I get offended, because I actually understand the math and statistics related to what the Talking Heads on Cable News are saying.

I know why mathematicians always say that: 

“there are lies, (darned) lies, & statistics.” 

They should have also thrown in “Polls & Surveys” at the end of that list of lies. Alas, they would never do that because most math averse Talking Heads love citing (stupid) surveys!

Anyway, the Cable News Talking Heads, and others who watch and unknowingly repeat them, throw specious statistics at you based on survey data. Then they improperly apply the survey results. And use the results to draw a false conclusion or a “False Positive” (Type I Error). 

See Earlism #51: Apples, Oranges, & False Positives, which I will post tomorrow …

They will say; since all, or a majority of “all people” stated on the survey that they like or dislike someone or something …

… that Cause …

… means that this person or thing is …

… in Effect …

… liked or disliked by most or “all people.”

Causal, or Cause & Effect reasoning.

What they will do is take some public affairs issue or idea that they espouse.

Then, based on a survey that they have taken, without regard to appropriate random sampling technique or respondent size.

They say that “the survey shows that the public likes or dislikes, this person, policy, or public official.” 

However, they cannot definitively say that the “public” likes or dislikes something or someone, when they do not know how many people, randomly chosen, from all walks of life, actually shared their opinion on the survey question. 

No human being, surveyor, or Cable News Talking Head, can definitely relate two things without proof.

Nor can they “Co-Relate” (Correlate) the majority public opinion, which is generally based on a “feeling” anyway.

A “feeling” which will likely change within the next fifteen minutes.

As opposed to the survey respondent basing their stated response to the survey question on a critically analyzed and well reasoned “thought.”

No one who understands Surveys, Statistics, & Math can Correlate two separate entities, without showing how they overwhelming relate to each other.

And without showing how they collected a representative sample of the opinions of most or all people.

Then the Cable News anchor, or the people who conduct and report their survey. Or a member of the viewing audience who repeats this nonsense, will cite that survey and its poorly derived conclusion, to “support” their point of view.

You cannot draw a proper Conclusion about “what ALL or most people think” … 

… if you have received poorly collected and analyzed survey data. 

AND you cannot definitively draw a Conclusion about what “most or all people think” …

… unless you ask “all of the people” …

You have to ask them what THEY ALL believe. Or at least, get an actual, randomly selected sample of responses from “all types of people.”

Why not? 

Because, you did not ask “ALL PEOPLE.” 

Nor did you ask a “random sample” of “ALL PEOPLE.” 

You only asked:

all of the people who were home that day, or those who watch your Cable News channel, or who receive your emails, or those who decided that they were having a BORING enough day that they could waste five minutes and respond to your survey. Or those people who just saw the survey online, on YOUR website and clicked it. Or those people who signed up with your survey group to take YOUR surveys! 

That is not “All People” … People! 

That is a survey of “all of your people.”

Thus, you cannot draw a definitive conclusion, that (Co) Relates to what “all people” think …

… unless you ask “all people.”

Earlism #51 Apples, Oranges, & Logical Fallacies

By Jones The Advisor / March 28, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #51 Apples, Oranges, & Logical Fallacies

“An apple is a fruit … 

… an orange is a fruit …

… Therefore …

… an Apple is an Orange …”

Earlism #45 Driving ‘Back Down Memory Lane’

By Jones The Advisor / March 20, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #45 Driving ‘Back Down Memory Lane’

“I never drive ‘Back Down Memory Lane’ … 

… I don’t need to revisit that Street.”

Earlism #8 He Said … She Said: How Men & Women Miscommunicate

By Jones The Advisor / March 15, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #8 He Said … She Said: How Men & Women Miscommunicate

He said:

“I’m eatin’ it, ain’t I?”

She said:

“He should just know …!”

Earlism #40 Color Perfectly

By Jones The Advisor / March 6, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #40 Color Perfectly

“Color outside of the lines …

… perfectly.”

Arresting Peace

By Jones The Advisor / February 27, 2019 / Comments Off on Arresting Peace

This is a segment of a Short Essay that I wrote a few years ago. In the unpublished portion, it describes the reasons why I LOVE Queen Abigail! And why I dedicated my favorite chapter in my book, A Personality Portrait to her and her Personality Type. Enjoy!

I don’t know where this is in the Bible but I know that it’s in there. 

There are people who have such a Peace (of God) about them. A Peace that emanates from them, which God can use to literally arrest me. I don’t even know if I like these people, particularly when I am in one of my … “I like to fight and NEED to fight, because I have been legitimately offended. And I know how to extract my due retribution” … moods. I was just kidding, I really love them. And I love and appreciate God for putting them in my life.

This Arresting Peace, reminds me of Abigail and King David in I Samuel 25, …