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Earlism #10 Drop a Clock into a Drawer

By Jones The Advisor / February 25, 2019 / Comments Off on Earlism #10 Drop a Clock into a Drawer

“If you drop a clock into a drawer …

… it keeps telling time …”

Welcome to Earlisms & Epigrams

By / February 20, 2019 / Comments Off on Welcome to Earlisms & Epigrams

I wanted to explain in a little more detail, the roughly three different types of posts that will appear on the Earlisms & Epigrams Blog page. 

Posts will appear in random order and in the various styles described below. However, I am certain that no two will be the same.

The focus of the majority of the items that I post on the Earlisms & Epigrams page will be Exclusive Content. The bulk of these items will ONLY appear on this page. Most will be works that you will find nowhere else. The majority of posts will not appear on my other Social Media platforms or in Print.

Traditional Blog Posts

I will make some traditional or Long Form Blog posts. These will be the rarest of the different post formats. Over the years, I have written down many ideas, thoughts, and concepts. Some of these musings have been published. Some remain unpublished. Some may end up in future books. So I may not use them as posts on the Earlisms & Epigrams page. Or I may post a thought from a larger essay or book. It all depends on my mood and thoughts about what I have written as well as where I Believe it belongs.

Q & A Posts

A different type of post will be responses to reader’s questions (see web form below). This type of post served as the primary reason that I created this specific Earlisms & Epigrams page on my website. I wanted to do sort of a … “Dear Jones The Advisor” thing.

I wanted to create a webpage where I was afforded the opportunity to directly interact with those who visit the website. Hopefully frequently. I also wanted to do what I have always done. My Job, as I have come to call it. That is; use my Gifts & Experiences, in this case, in the area of Advising, to Help People.

I will read your submissions, sent via the webform on the Earlisms & Epigrams page, carefully. I already know that I may have to respond to some of your submissions privately. For those, I will use the email account ([email protected]). This is the website email account, where the webform on the Earlisms & Epigrams page will send ALL of your questions and inquiries.

Some of the other inquiries that I receive will be ones that I Believe can be used to help many other readers. Readers who may be experiencing or have experienced similar circumstances to your own. I may select some of those submissions, ensuring to protect the anonymity of the person who submitted the question. And post the question, as well as my Best Response to the inquiry, in the form of a Blog post, using Question & Answer format.

Earlisms & Epigrams Posts

The third type of post that will appear on the Earlisms & Epigrams Blog page, are what I have come to call “Earlisms.” 

These are little phrases that I have invented, adapted from a favorite quote, or just pulled out of thin air. They are useful, short statements, that provide clarity for me and others. They can also be used to aid many with their individual Life’s Journey.

In reality Earlisms are Epigrams

Epigrams are short, often witty, and sage ideas or sayings that express a useful thought, typically in an amusing or clever way. They are conceived and written in that way, so they stick with you and remain in your memory. Then when you encounter a specific situation, you will Remember the Earlism and use it to help you push through a difficulty or obstacle.

These challenges occur in our lives, as we navigate our way through all of the blind alleys and hidden obstacles that appear, seemingly out of nowhere, as we proceed through our individual Life’s Journey. And as we Pursue our Purpose, Passions, & Goals.

Typically, I will just post Earlisms. I will leave it up to you to figure out the meaning.

However, you can use the webform to contact me if you need me to explain the specific Earlism in greater detail.

See, if I explain Earlisms … then they are no longer Epigrams.

Earlisms & Epigrams

By / December 7, 2018 / Comments Off on Earlisms & Epigrams

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