“’Right’ … 

… is a dangerous thing to have …” 

Because people usually try to and believe that they have justifiable ‘Right’ to use, inflict, and/or impose their personal version of ‘Right’ on everyone else’s life and sensibilities.

This Earlism was developed because many people, specifically young women who I have spoken with through the years, have strained relationships with their father’s or have been abandoned or even abused by a father or other (male) adult. They come away from those experiences feeling that, “because I am RIGHT, and ‘he’ had No Right to do ‘that’ to me, I can therefore force him to admit his wrongs committed against me. Now this idea is based solely based on their perception of events, memories, and interpretations of motives and the actions of the other party. Many times, reality differs significantly from perception. 

Then they choose to take offense and remain embittered. Or they may choose to continue to walk in unforgiveness toward that person.