This is a segment of a Short Essay that I wrote a few years ago. In the unpublished portion, it describes the reasons why I LOVE Queen Abigail! And why I dedicated my favorite chapter in my book, A Personality Portrait to her and her Personality Type. Enjoy!

I don’t know where this is in the Bible but I know that it’s in there. 

There are people who have such a Peace (of God) about them. A Peace that emanates from them, which God can use to literally arrest me. I don’t even know if I like these people, particularly when I am in one of my … “I like to fight and NEED to fight, because I have been legitimately offended. And I know how to extract my due retribution” … moods. I was just kidding, I really love them. And I love and appreciate God for putting them in my life.

This Arresting Peace, reminds me of Abigail and King David in I Samuel 25, …