Book Synopsis

Which biblical leader most closely reflects your personality type & traits? Almost everyone has taken an online- or social-media based personality profile tests and quizzes. Have you ever considered if (or if so, how) your specific personality type compares to a specific character in the Bible?

A Personality Portrait is a book about you. This book will help you to better understand yourself as well as your specific personality type. You can do this by taking a free online personality profile test and then comparing your personality type to the detailed profiles created for many characters in the Bible. You will also be able to compare the personality traits of your friends, family members, and colleagues. Encourage them to take the test so they can join you on this journey of discovery! 

You will be able to find commonalities between your specific personality type and those of well-known characters from the Bible, such as Daniel, Joseph, Elijah, Elisha, Esther, Jacob, and King David, as well as Peter, Paul, and John. There are more than sixteen complete personality profiles from which you can choose. Among the many benefits that you will receive from reading this book, not only will you develop a much clearer understanding of yourself and your personality type, but you will also gain an ability to develop more fulfilling interpersonal and professional relationships with others, recognizing personality traits that exist in them by comparing them to these well-known biblical characters.

FREE Jung Typology Test

Take this Free Personality Typology Test. 

It will help you to identify your Personality Type and aid you as you read about the Biblical Leader in A Personality Portrait, with whom you share one of sixteen distinctly individual Personality Profiles.

This Free Personality Test is based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ Personality Type Theory.

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This insightful book discusses specific Biblical leaders and how their personal challenges as well as their personality types effect and compare to those challenges and personality types of you and your friends. It aims to serve as a guide book by providing practical applications for your individual life’s Journey by providing insights into the lives of others who have overcome challenges and achieved success.